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Monday, August 25, 2008

Fargo Phantom Restaurant Reviews: The Fortune House

Fargo Restaurant: The Fortune House. Now I must confess I seldom review Chinese restaurants. The reason for that is that my system does not tolerate sugar, and I have it on good Chinese authority that one cannot make Chinese food without sugar unless that's what one sets out to do. At the Fortune House, in the strip mall on 19th Ave N between 10th and University, I'm in luck, as that's what they set out to do.

The restaurant is owned and run by two sisters who I believe are Vietnamese. The Chinese in this (and probably others) area have figured how to appeal to our tastes: have a smorgasbord. That seems to satisfy most people, but doesn't help my sugar intolerance, so I have to order off the menu. So much the better.

In the days before Chinese buffets, a party of several diners would order different entrees and share. Naturally, rice comes with everything. Most Chinese restaurants, including the Fortune House, also have pre-set meals that are served that way. This buffet thing is somewhat new, at least to me, a 50-year veteran of Chinese restaurants.

So even if all you want is the buffet, the food there has to be very tasty as well. I tend to shy away from giving grades or anything, but you can probably tell this is one of my favorite restaurants. I do wish they'd get a double front door to keep the draft out in the winter.

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Fargo Restaurant Review

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